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Sparking Creativity with Random Play

by Annie Volovik

Sparking Creativity with Random Play

Aug 21, 2018

Design Studio is a creative exercise that combines divergent and convergent thinking, allowing participants to brainstorm ideas independently before merging them toward a shared vision. We employ this method to facilitate creative team problem solving.

At Philosophie, one of our core principles is to #makeitbetter, so naturally we wanted to improve the Design Studio exercise. One of the problems we saw with Design Studio was that some people who are new to the method could feel uncomfortable coming up with original ideas. So we decided to run a Design Studio on Design Studio. As a result, we created a game called “Spark!”

Recently, our co-founder Emerson Taymor shared the game with a large audience at Agile2018. You can view his slides here.

We also wrote a blog post describing the making of Spark! on our Medium blog. You can read that here.

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Annie Volovik is a Product Strategist in Santa Monica. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a B.S. in Technology & Information Management. Growing up she was fascinated by technology and how it can improve peoples lives. Her first job at CBS Interactive exposed her to the importance of working as a scrum team and providing a clear product vision. In her free time, Annie enjoys lifting weights, eating pastries and coming up with new ideas.

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